If you received a bill from Adams Regional EMS and have questions, or if you would like to pay your bill using a credit card, please call our billing office at 717-590-7500.  You may also mail your payment to:
PO Box 21709
York, PA  17402

For mailed payments, be sure to:

  • Make checks payable to Adams Regional Emergency Medical Services
  • Include your 5 Digit patient account ID

If you need to submit insurance information, you can call us at 717-590-7500, mail it to the address above, or FAX it to 717-590-5899.  Be sure to include:

  • The name of the insurance company
  • Your insurance ID #
  • Your insurance group # if there is one on your card
  • The medical mailing address (usually on the back of your card)

Billing office hours:
8:00 am to 5:00 pm
(Monday through Friday)

Telephone: 717-590-7500
FAX: 717-590-5899

Address: PO Box 21709
York, PA  17402

Billing Frequently Asked Questions

Coverage for emergency medical services varies by insurance company.  Some provide coverage for ambulance services, and others only pay a portion of the charges.  We will submit your claim to your insurance company on your behalf.  If you need to submit insurance information to our office, Please call 717-590-7500, mail or FAX to 717-590-5899.

Membership in the ambulance club eliminates your out-of-pocket expenses under certain circumstances. An emergency services visit and transport could cost over $1,100. For ambulance club members, we waive unpaid balances (excluding deductibles and co-pays) for an emergency service after your insurance company processes your bill.

Even if you are a member, we will still bill all your available insurance. Informational invoices will be sent to you to keep you informed as to the billing process of your claim. Some insurance companies pay money directly to you instead of to the provider; you are then responsible for making the payment to the provider. Memberships do not cover non-emergency trips or patient refusals. Memberships cover care and transport to the closest available hospital appropriate for your level of care. If you request a different further hospital, additional cost for additional miles will not be covered.

We accept all major credit cards (and debit cards) through the telephone.  You can call our billing office anytime from 8:00am – 5:00pm at 717-590-7500 to make a payment or with any questions.  If you cannot pay your invoice in full, please call us at 717-590-7500. The billing office is willing to work with you to set up a payment plan.

It is easiest to sign the check to the ambulance company and mail it to the payment address above.  To do this, the person to whom the check is made payable to should endorse the back of the check as usual and write “pay to the order of ADAMS REGIONAL EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICE”.

You also have the option to deposit the check from the insurance company into your personal bank account and send full payment via your own check or make a credit card payment. You will receive an invoice at the same time your claim is sent to your insurance company. At the bottom of the invoice, it will tell you we sent your claim to your insurance carrier.  Hold that invoice until you receive payment from your insurance company.  If you do not hear from them within 3 weeks, call your insurance company if they do not have your claim; call the billing office at 717-590-7500 to make sure we have your correct insurance information.

No. Members of the ambulance club are exempt from any charges over those covered by insurance. Members are still responsible for the portion covered by their insurance.  In most cases, insurance will pay the bill to us directly, but in some cases they may send you a check (please see the previous question).

Your bill covers services you received from Adams Regional EMS, including the initial response of the EMS crew, ambulance transportation, mileage, treatments you received, and supplies that EMTs and Paramedics used on your behalf.

BLS, or Basic Life Support, is an emergency transport provided by EMTs/Emergency Medical Technicians. The BLS Ambulance is prepared to care for many medical and traumatic emergencies and, in more challenging cases, to stabilize patients until an ALS provider arrives. Advanced Life Support (ALS), also known as a Mobile Intensive Care Unit or MICU, is staffed with one Paramedic and one Emergency Medical Technician and is provided when a patient is in more critical condition and a paramedic is required to assist in the patient’s care.  The ALS MICU is prepared to take care of all medical and traumatic emergencies and is stocked with Advanced Pre-hospital medications, interventions, and equipment.

Some ambulance companies can only provide BLS service and, when a patient’s condition requires ALS care, a separate medic will provide this care.  Medicare will only pay for the transporting ambulance.  Under current Medicare regulations, when an ALS unit is called as a secondary respondent to a scene, Medicare will only pay for the BLS transport and will not pay separately for the additional patient care provided by the ALS unit.  If you have secondary insurance coverage, they will only cover the BLS service as well.

Yes, we will bill any remaining balance to your secondary insurance provider.  Please ensure we have your secondary insurance information on file.