AREMS Leadership has come to represent a sum or diverse backgrounds and experiences that provide a unique and progressive perspective. With a wide array of skill sets, supervisory and operational leadership experience, our appointed officers guide our department forward and are proving to be a catalyst for progress within our organization.

Operations Staff:
Brian Wheeler, Chief 54
Trent Summers, Deputy Chief 54
Jill Althoff, Lieutenant 54
​Makayla Phillips, Sergeant 54
Megan Fair, Lieutenant 54-A
Ryan Page, Lieutenant 54-B
​Travis Arnold, Lieutenant 54-C
Dalton Will, Sergeant 54-A
Steve Burns, Sergeant 54-B
​Dakota Lanious, Sergeant 54-C

Administrative Staff:
​Amy Lebo, Business Manager
Andrea Shockney, Transport Coordinator


AREMS is a cooperative effort of the organizations that came to form its existence. We also see the value of the insight provided by the communities we service. To provide guidance and oversight to the department as a whole, representatives from each entity, the Adams County Commissioners, Adams County Council of Government, and the community have been brought together to comprise our overseeing body helping to move AREMS forward.

Current Board of Directors:

Kevin Moul, Chairman, United Hook & Ladder
David Blocher, Vice-Chairman, Gettysburg Fire Department
Al Knerr, Secretary/Treasurer, Gettysburg Fire Department
Ronald Hankey, Community Member Representative
Randy Phiel, Adams County Commissioner

Barbara Underwood, Adams County Council of Government
Steve Rabine, United Hook and Ladder
Doug Fishel,  United Hook and Ladder

Ken Kime, Gettysburg Fire Department
Dave Martin, Fairfield Fire & EMS
​Kevan Taylor, Fairfield Fire & EMS